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Monday, 31 August 2009

UFC 102 ponderings!!!!

Well the Couture vs nog fight lived up to expectations with both fighters giving a good slug fest although every time randy gets hit now he goes down and you think he's done for,good fight though.

The Silva vs Jardin fight went exactly as i expected although i thought Jardin was gonna nick it with a ko victory just because he is so bloody difficult to figure out where his punches are gonna come from.

Marquardt vs Maia well poor Maia i felt for him because he is so good on the ground but like joe said it always starts on the feet and on the feet marquardt was much better,bang one punch and Maia did a flip onto his front and was clearly done,Marquardt will now have to face hendo to see who gets silva next,could see Marquardt beating hendo though.

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